Can't find something at home?
Just ask!

Smart Garrett is the only inventory app for your home that finds your things using your voice.

- You: "Hey Siri, find me something"
- Siri: "What are you looking for?"
- You: "Ebook reader"
- Siri: "Ok, done! I found your ebook reader in Living Room, black desk, upper drawer."

Create your home inventory
Edit your items
Add tags
See your stats
Use Siri Shortcuts

Keep Calm and Organize Your Home

Smart Garrett is the inventory app for your home. It is created in such a way that its usage is easy and intuitive thanks to its minimalist design.
In addition, its main feature is the integration of the Siri voice assistant, which allows you to know exactly where your items are immediately since you only need your voice.

  • Simple to use
  • Nice look & feel with light & dark mode
  • Find your items using your voice

Model your home inventory to recreate your home.

  • Items can be created as containers so you can model exactly how your items are located in your home
  • Navigate easily through your whole inventory. Just tap on your containers to see their content
  • Add more items tapping on the blue button with the "+" icon
  • Add tags to your items to see them groupped in the tags tab

How many items do you have? Sometimes we tend to accumulate too much things at home. We usually don't know how much stuff we have that we don't need.

For your peace of mind and to save our planet, you need to be aware of the things you really need. Smart Garrett helps you in this task by tracking how many things you have in an easy way.

The stats tab shows you the number of items of your inventory and a nice sunburst diagram with the count of items groupped by container and tags.

Smart Garrett integrates with Siri Shortcuts. This allows you to configure shortcuts such as:

  • Search items in your inventory
  • Count the number of items of your inventory

Special Features

Smart Garrett's features are designed to organize your home easily and with a nice and simple design.

  • Hierarchical inventory

    Define your items where they really are

  • Your stuff at first sight

    Take a photo or select one from your photo library. Your items will stand out.

  • Tag your items

    Create groups of items using tags

  • Privacy

    We do not share your data with anyone!

  • Offline

    No internet access needed to manage your inventory

  • Language support

    Multiple languages supported


Start now creating your home inventory! This app is optimized for the latest iPhone models and iOS 13.5 or later.

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